Author Gail Kamer/Gail Johnson

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There's some serious monkey business going on in Elizabethtown...

Former beauty queen Cassie McCoy knows she doesn't deserve love. After all, she as good as killed her fiance Mitchell in Afghanistan when she sent him an "I'm in love with your best friend" letter. Now, two years later, she's avoiding said best friend Darby, while she carries her guilt and Mitchell's ashes with her in the front seat of the taxi she drives.

Things go sideways when Cassie is caught in the middle of a heist while picking up a customer at a local night club and her taxi is stolen--along with Mitchell's ashes. As the search begins, a rogue monkey who's been terrorizing the town is abandoned in her cab. What does the monkey have to do with the recent appearance of cocaine-stuffed candy bunny butts, and is Cassie now the monkey's mama?

Forging an unlikely alliance with the bitch across the street, an old man intent on being her bodyguard, and a stud-licious cop, Cassie is intent on solving the mysteries and getting Mitchell back...until she realizes there's much more at stake than her missing car.