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Animal Theme Adult Coloring Book

Turn on your favorite music. Grab an enjoyable drink and forget life’s stress. No makeup? No problem. In your PJ’s? Better yet. You’ll be the envy of all your stressed out friends in therapy cursing the national news. And this stress relief is cheaper than therapy. Coloring books encourage mindfulness, reduce anxiety, relieve stress and can be taken anywhere. 31 animal theme pages include a yak, panda, cow, gator, octopus, cat, dog, unicorn, camel, penguin, giraffes and birds plus many more fun pages. Stir your creativity, get your brain firing and cool your jets!

Tree Theme Adult Coloring Book

A beautiful coloring book for all seasons. You make the choice whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or a fall scene with your creativity. Thirty tree theme scenes include peek-a- boo animals; magical trees; Easter, Christmas; serene scenes, fantasy views; and playful and relaxing scenes.

Butterfly Theme Coloring Book for Adults

Rest. De-stress. Color. Enjoy. This butterfly themed adult coloring book provides all that. Get ready for an artistic adventure. Only one picture printed to each sheet. Thirty different designs.

Musical Days of Summer Adult Coloring Book

Relive great summer memories with beautiful music as you color away today's stresses. A musical piece is suggested for each summer scene. Have a relaxing musical summer.

Coloring Book with Devotional Scripture
Reading and Reflection

Welcome to a year's worth of weekly coloring pages, along with a Bible passage. Each week select a piece of artwork and read the passage. Reflect how they relate to your life. Space is provided for reflection.  May this coloring book bring you many hours of thoughtful spiritual comfort.

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The Pardon

Roman Leaders and Jewish High Priests believed Jesus was a rebel, and feared him. They brought false charges, and crucified him on Skull Hill. He could have been pardoned by many rulers but wasn't. Why was Jesus feared? What is Skull Hill? Why did Jesus have to die? WHY? Centuries ago, a teenage girl gave birth to a baby boy in a Bethlehem stable. Thirty-six years later, this stable-born man died on Calvary Hill outside Jerusalem.

You have probably guessed His name. Jesus. The Romans crucified Jesus on a splinter-filled cross. Six inch nails hammered into Jesus' wrists and ankles secured Him to the cross. Jesus hung there until He died.

Why? For lack of a pardon. Pardon--the act of forgiving or being forgiven

Photo Credit:  Gina Santa Maria/Shutterfree.LLC Crown of Thorns with Nails and Mallet

Fang Sang

FANG SANG is the story of a talented bat, and his efforts to compete in a songbird contest. Fang wants the grand prize, a deluxe bug zapper to help feed his colony.

One of Fang's songs is "Wrap your wings and go to sleep. Dream of night and bugs to eat."

Read his story to learn if he wins the prize.


Why is Feathers stretched out in the muddy pigpen? She's trying to do something chickens can't do. Feathers doesn't think it's fair that chickens can't fly. After all, chickens are birds, too. However, when she tries to fly she barely gets off the ground. Join Feathers on her quest of flight, and also notice who her biggest supporter happens to be. They're waiting for you to join them.

The Kid Jesus

What was the kid Jesus like? Did he play games or go to school? What did his house look like? How did he get his name? We don't know the answer to all these questions but we do know about life when he lived. Read more to find out what The Kid Jesus might have been like. 

Swoosh and Slide Search and Glide

Bess swooshes her tail and glides through the swamp. She searches the bank and slides ashore. Bugs, bees, birds, and all the animals run from her. Bess is not looking for food. Read the story and find out what Bess needs. You’re in for a fun surprise.

The short repetitive sentences fit developmentally to beginning readers. The illustrations and mystery of what Bess is searching for will keep them engaged. The story line encourages discussion about the life cycle of an alligator. Illustrations provide clues to the habitat and where a good place for an alligator nest would be.

Beach Birds

Beautiful, color photographs will provide connections to your children's visit to the beach. Soon, your children will be sharing all about the day they saw a bird just like the one in the picture. Birds are photographed in their native habitats, doing their normal routines, as well as some silly things.
This is an ideal book to use in the classroom whether you are homeschooling or in another school setting. Sample questions are included in the back to stimulate conversations about bird traits, action words, and rewriting the story in the child's own words.
Beginning readers will love to "spread their wings" and read the simple text on their own. I hope you and your children enjoy this book. 

What Is That Thing?

Drones are becoming as popular as model airplanes. Some drones are small enough to use as spy robotics. Drone purchase is easy and somewhat cheap. What is a drone? How is it being used? What are future uses?

Hayden's backyard is filled with life. But, someone spies. What do they want? Will Hayden be able to save the animals from each other?
Little Chick was unsure about coming out of his shell.  He was content in his little egg.  Can his Mama and siblings encourage him to come out of his shell?   They don't understand why Little Chick doesn't want to come out and see the world.

The story of Levi and Catharine Coffin aiding runaway slaves along the Underground Railroad. Photos inside the house show secret hiding places. Also, included is a secret code used to notify station masters when a delivery might be expected. My storefront at Teachers Who Pay Teachers has a power point available for $1.00.

Iko and his family are in serious trouble. The Trinichian government monitors their every move. And Iko's family has something to hide. Like Dad's mysterious vials. And Iko's special power. Escaping their home planet is the only way to avoid capture. So they steal a spaceship and secretly land on Earth. Are they followed? Probably.

Iko and his parents morph into human form to blend in with humans and Iko enrolls in middle school. But school on Earth is nothing like school on Trinichia. The rules differ. So do the humans.

Will Iko fool Earthlings into thinking he's one of them? Or will they recognize him for what he is--an alien from outer space? Are some humans really Trinichian spies in disguise trying to catch Iko? Can he navigate this dangerous new world? Lives are at stake. Is Iko up to the challenge?

Don’t look inside this book if you get sick at your stomach easily!
Because this book contains photos of creatures eating slimy, rotten, gross stuff.
What would eat that?
You have to read the book to find out. What will you do? The choice is yours. I say read it, because otherwise you’ll miss out on some great, disgusting, stomach-turning fun.
Go ahead. Read it. I dare you.